Support Canadian workers

Support Canadian workers.

We are proud of the work we do.

We brew good beer: Canadian, Carling, and Coors Light. We put our hearts into our work every day. It takes care and it takes talent. But we know that.

Now, we want everyone else to know it, too.

People love our beer, but do they know that it’s brewed right here in Ontario? Or that it is distributed by Canadian workers? Probably not.

We want that to change that.

We’ve developed a new project that will include a series of small ads to raise the profile of our beers, and of our members for doing a great job right here at home.

Where do you fit in? We want you to share these ads far and wide.  People care more than ever about where things come from. Let’s tell them who’s behind our great products and where we come from. 

The ads are attached below. We will add new ones as they are developed.


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