October 16, 2017  ELECTON UPDATE

Local 325 Elections will be held in the main cafeteria on the following days;

October 20th, 5:30 am - 5:30 pm;

November 3rd, 5:30 am - 5:30 pm;

November 4th, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Below are the results of the nominations from our October 15 Membership meeting for the Union Executive and Stewards;


President – Rob Folk, Carl Jovanovski, Gaurav Sharma      

Vice President – Enrico Bortolussi, James Carberry, Steve Harvie, Anita Samlall

Corresponding Secretary/Business Agent – James Hislop, Julio Montero, Marc Racine

Treasurer – Kevin Gibbs, Viji Naveendran

Recording Secretary –  Cameron Neilands   ACCLAIMED

Sergeant-At-Arms – Jason Eurke, Dale Mieczaniec

Chief Steward Packaging – Andre Passley, Marko Radman, Sham Samalall

Alternate Steward Packaging M/ N –  Amit Sani   ACCLAIMED

Alternate Stewards Packaging

 (2 are to be elected)  Jason Beveridge, Scott Demille, Desi Dixon                                        

Chief Steward Brewing –    Kevin Galway   ACCLAIMED

Alternate Steward Brewing – Laura Drover  ACCLAIMED

Chief Steward Maintenance – Shaun Savoy  ACCLAIMED

Alternate Steward Maintenance –  Mike Deutschmann, Glenn Malott

Alternate Steward Maintenance WEC–  Keith Marr  ACCLAIMED

Chief Steward Shipping – Brad Arpa, Danny Cavicchia

Alternate Steward Shipping – Ben Bernie  ACCLAIMED


Health & Safety results are;

Certified Representative / Co-Chair              TBD

Brewing Designate Representative               vote requried -  Greg Cortese, Paul Pettipas                 

Brewing alternate                                           Brian Trimble  (acclaimed)

Brewing alternate                                           vacant

Brewing Maintenance Rep.                            vacant

Kegging Designate Representative                Matthew Hepditch (acclaimed)

Packaging Maintenance Rep.                         vacant

Packaging Maintenance alternate                   vacant  

Maintenance Rep. (WEC)                               vacant

Packaging Designate Representatives          vote required (2 to be elected) - Manny DeSousa, Shelley Fraser, Nathan Silvertri

Packaging alternate                                        George Beaubien (acclaimed)

Packaging alternate midnight’s                      vacant

Warehouse Designate Representative           vote required - Karl Cawthorne, John Reid

Warehouse alternate                                        Dwight Thomas (acclaimed)


Congratulations to all those who have been Acclaimed. Where more than one person has been nominated, elections will be held on the following days;

Friday, October 20th, 5:30 am to 5:30pm.

Friday, November 3rdh, 5:30 am to 5:30pm.

Saturday, November 4th, 8am to 4pm.

The Scrutineers as accepted by the Membership are; Jose Carmelo Bagtas, Barbara Kapica, Louis Levstik and Gerry Tiernay


September 18, 2017


Any member with 3 or more years of service is eligible to be nominated for a position on the Union executive or committee at the Membership meeting on October 15, 2017. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of the elected positions  please attend this meeting and have a member put forth your name. This is great opportunity to get invovled and represent your sisters and brothers of this GREAT LOCAL.


Elections for Local 325 Health & Safety Committee

The Union is looking for members interested in running for the following positions on the Joint Health & Safety Committee.


Any member of local 325 Interested should apply in writing or by e-mail to the Union office by October 11, 2017. In any of the following positions where there is more than 1 interested candidate, a vote by the membership will be held in conjunction with the General Election of Local 325 Executive and Stewards.

Packaging Representatives.                                      

 (2 required, must be on opposite shifts)

Packaging Maintenance Representative.

Warehouse Representative.

Kegging Representative.

Brewing Representative.

Brewing Maintenance Representative.

Maintenance WEC Representative.

Those elected to the above positions will sit on the Joint Health & Safety Committee. One of the above elected positions shall be appointed / elected by a majority of Local 325’s Joint Health & Safety Committee members to the position of Local 325 Certified Representative.

  • The Union is also looking for members interested in filling the following positions as alternate Health & Safety Committee Members.


Packaging Alternate Representative. (midnights)

Packaging Alternate Representative  (am.& pm.)                            

Packaging Maintenance Alternate Representative.

Brewing Alternate Representative.      (2 needed)

Warehouse Alternate Representative.

Those elected as Alternates will attend departmental safety committee meetings and replace Joint Health & Safety committee members when necessary.

Any member of local 325 Interested should apply in writing or email to the Union office by October 11, 2017.


August 24, 2017

2017 – 2020 Collective Agreement Books         

The New Collective Agreement booklets have arrived. Please stop by the Union office to obtain your copy. If you are unable to, please see your Shop Steward. We are also asking that members also update their personal contact information with the office.

2017 Pension buyback

As per our Memorandum of Settlement with the employer, it was agreed that members would be allowed the option to “buy back” lost credited hours due to the strike. The company has put out a couple of notices recently regarding this issue. Members who applied have now been receiving letters from the Molson Benefit Center regarding their total number of hours worked to date inclusive of a year-end estimate. As well as an estimated cost of time lost due the strike of 256 hours. The pension plan requires members in the “defined benefit pension” to accumulate 1800 hours per year (January 1 to December 31) to obtain a full credited year.  Most members affected will only need a few hours to obtain a full credit year of service. We have had several discussions with the Company on this matter and have requested that they provide to each member a clearly defined cost estimate; i.e., what is the cost if I am short 8 hours to equal 1800hours.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend that any member who has received this letter, that you submit your request to receive the “cost to purchase pensionable hours’ form to the Human Resources department.

2017 Elections[SB1] 

Its election year. Nominations and Elections will be held this October and November for the Union Officers and Stewards. As well this year the Health & Safety elections will be held at the same time. 

Members interested in running for a position either as an Officer or Steward shall have their names put forth at the October 15, 2017 Membership meeting. It is recommended that you attend this meeting. If you are unable to attend, that you submit your name to either the President or Corresponding Secretary in writing prior to this meeting to accept a nomination. Notices of the dates and times of the elections will be posted after approval the membership in attendance at the October meeting.

With regards to the Health & Safety elections, more information will be provided on timelines and dates after the Union Executive meeting on Sept 11, 2017.                                     

In Solidarity, Brian Sturrock

Corresponding Secretary CUBGW 325            Description: union logo.gif



July 7, 2017 Raffle Winners of the Generators are;

Norm McKenzie - packaging department

Michael Bajus - brewing department

This raffel raised $1,200. These funds will be used to replenish the Union Membership Strike Fund.

Thank you to all the Members who particpated in this raffle.


February 26, 2017

Ratification of a New Collective Agreement 

Today Our Membership voted 70.5% in favour of accepting the Memoradum of Settlement, after 45 days of our Strike action against Molson Coors.

To all the Sisters and Brothers of CUBGW 325;

Hold your heads high, your strength and solidarity has been exemplary. I am extremely proud to have each and everyone of you as my Sisters and Brothers. Be proud to call yourselves a Union Worker, a Member of Local 325. Remind your family and friends to drink Canadian beers made by Canadian Brewery Workers, not imported US beers! (Coors Banquet, MGD & Miller Lite).

Sincerely and with Solidarity,

On behalf of the Executive & Bargaining Team,

Brian Sturrock


February 14, 2017

Resumption of Negotiations

Our Union and the Company have agreed to resume negotiations on Friday Feb 17/17. While this is a positive step, after 5 weeks of our labour stoppage, we understand that reaching a settlement that meets the needs of Our Members and their families will be challenging. The bargaining team is encouraged by the on-going support of the Membership and will report back to the Membership as permitted.


February 9, 2017

Solidarity Rally a Success 

What a fantastic turnout for Our Solidarity Rally today. Our Local is extremely proud to have hosted many of Our Sisters & Brothers from various Houses of Labour in our fight to get a "FAIR CONTRACT" from Molson Coors.

This event would not have been possible without the fantastic support of NUPGE! Many thanks to all the staff at the Ottawa office. A special shout out to Debra Duffy. Without her assistance, today would not have been such a success. To Secretary Treasurer, Elisabeth Ballermann, thank you for your ongoing support, advice and solidarity

On behalf of the Membership of Local 325, many thanks to; UFCW 175 & 633 for their generosity in supplying the bbq's, tents, setup staff for today's rally, plus their generous donation; OPSEU, for their ongoing support of its "fellow Ontario" Component. Special thanks to Smokey Thomas for his words of support and solidarity, & OPSEU Local 553 for your donation; The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL). The Union activists & members representing; IUOE Local 772, UNIFOR, USW Crown, Peel District Labour Council, Toronto District Labour Council, Niagara District Labour Council, Toronto Airport Workers, CUPE, SEIU Local 2, Local 46 Plumbing, Local 95 Heat & Frost Insulators, IAM District 78, & the Machinist Union.( My apologies if I missed anyone).  Thank you to all of those whom spoke with encouraging words of Solidarity and Support. We all identified that it's the fight against the Corporate GREED, which is eliminating the middle class and enhancing income inequality which must be resisted.

Great to see so many of our Retirees that came out in support. The legacy that you helped to create is one of the strengths of Our Union.

Obviously, the true strength came from OUR MEMBERSHIP. Your passion, strength, endurance and solidarity came through in flying colours. Whether you were on the front lines today or behind the scenes, a big shout out to all of you!




February 3, 2017

Striking brewery workers win in court

Molson Coors loses in Ontario Superior Court in an effort to weaken strikers’ picket line. Justice Hainey also dismissed the company’s claim of $6,000,000 in damages.

Toronto (3 Feb. 2017) — The striking members of the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers (CUBGW/NUPGE) have once again won a case against the corporate lawyers of Molson Coors at the Ontario Superior Court on January 30. Read more

January 31, 2017


The result of Molson Coors application of a "interlocutory injunction" in the Ontario Superior Court today, was their application being denied by Justice Hainey. Justice Hainey (who issued the Court Order for "33 Carlingview Dr"), deemed that the Protocol instituted by the Union on Sunday January 29/17, of 5 minutes per vehicle with a total wait time of not more than 20 minutes was acceptable to the Court. He further dismissed the Companies request for damages sought for "irreputable harm". The Company was seeking a total of $6,000,000.

Today was a TRUE VICTORY for Our Union, in which our Constitutional Right to demonstrate, picket and inform the public on our labour dispute with Molson Coors was upheld.


January 30, 2017


Today, Local 325 welcomed Elisabeth Ballermann from NUPGE's National Office,Ottawa.

Ms. Ballermann spent the day visiting and speaking with numerous members at the various picket locations and taking the time for a few photos. Her messages of support and solidarity were greatly appreciated by our members. Elisabeth took the time to listen to our members at their frustration that Molson Coors does not want to offer a FAIR contract, only their quest to demand concessions and their perceived attempt to divide the solidarity of our membership. Our members clearly advised her that Our Union is UNITED!  

Along with an update provided to her by Brothers Folk, Sturrock and Sharma, we are assured that Elisabeth will return to the National Office and continue to further communicate our "David vs Goliath" battle to our Fellow Components in NUPGE, as well as other Houses of Labour. 


For the second time in less than 2 weeks, Molson Coors is taking OUR Union to court to obtain an injunction or a court order to LIMIT our picketing. As many of you are aware we were in the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario on January 18th. Justice Hainey issued a Court Order which limited our picketing at 33 Carlingview Dr. On Friday Jan 27th, Our Union was again "Served" and we are to appear in the Superior Court as "Defendants" on Tuesday Jan 30th. This time the injunction Molson Coors is seeking is to LIMIT our picketing at the entrances and exits from the Brewery on Skyway Ave.  Members of the Executive, some committee members and other Union members have met with our legal counsel in preparation for this hearing. Sisters and Brothers, this is just another example of the "corporation" that employs us, trying to exercise its wealth and influence to SQUASH OUR UNION. Please continue to demonstrate your strength, resolve and solidarity in demanding that Molson Coors offers us a "FAIR CONTRACT" that meets the needs of our members and their families.  



January 23, 2017 


Many thanks to our friends from Teamsters Canada and Local 1999, representing the Unionized workers at the Montreal Molson Coors Brewery & Distribution Warehouse,  for their visit to our picket lines today. Stephane Lacroix,  Communications Director Teamsters Canada; Yves Perreault,  Business Agent  Teamsters Canada;  Eric Picotte, President Teamsters Local 1999 (Montreal Brewery); & Benoit Turcotte, Secretary Teamsters Local 1999 made the visit. The support and solidarity extended to us from their Sisters & Brothers of their Union will certainly strengthen our cause to achieve a FAIR  contact for all our members. Our Labour dispute with Molson Coors is a fight  that they are willing to STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER with us to make a STRONG UNIFIED VOICE against the third largest Brewer in the World.




Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Pubic and General Employees, of which we are a Component, has conveyed the union's support and solidarity on behalf of NUPGE's 370,000 members. 

"The pattern the industry seems to be following is to completely gut unionized workers' collective agreements," said Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).  "Our members were willing to negotiate but the employer wasn't interested. The employer wanted everything gone. The workers couldn't do that."

Read the full message:



January 10, 2017

Your Union Negotiation Team has provided written notice to the Company, pursuant to the Strike/Lockout Deadline Extension & Protocol Agreement of Jan 5th, 2017. Therefore as of January 12, 2017 @ 12:00 pm (noon), if the Company does not present a counter/final offer, Our Union can institute a strike or the Company can lock us out or change terms or working conditions. BE READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE!   


Robert Folk, Brian Sturrock, James Carberry, Kevin Smith, Shaun Savoy & Steve Harvie


Bargaining Update, Jan 9/17:

It was truly inspirational to have such a significant turn-out of our members this past Saturday Jan 7/17 for second time in less than 2 weeks. This membership is truly showing its unanimous support of Our Bargaining Team to obtain an "offer" from our employer that meets the needs of our members and their families. The previous "settlement offer" that we rejected unanimously has to be substantially improved upon.

The Bargaining Team has told the Company that we will continue to bargain in good faith and that we are willing to meet at anytime to continue the negotiation process.

In the interim, through the conciliation process, the Union and the Company have agreed to a "Strike/Lockout Extension and Protocol Agreement" that extends the Jan 9th 12:01am deadline. This agreement allows either party to serve 24 hour notice to exercise strike/lockout provisions and/or the employer to change to terms or working conditions. The Conciliation Officer has set a provisional date of Jan 12th for continuation of the conciliation process. As Brother Folk advised the Membership, BE READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE!


Dec 23, 2016

On behalf of the Executive and Committee,  we want to wish the best of the season to the Sisters and Brothers of Local 325. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy,  Safe and Joyous New Year.

Strike Mandate, Dec 27/16;

On behalf of your Bargaining Team , we are extremely proud of the  strong strike mandate, 99.7%, that was voted on by the Membership at today's Special Membership meeting. This result, as well as the strong turnout of our members today has empowered your  Bargaining Team to  return to the bargaining table, with the assistance of the Conciliation Officer,  to demand a better contract offer from MolsonCoors.  With the strength of Our Members, standing shoulder to shoulder, we know that a "fair deal" that meets the needs of our members and their families is possible, as well as ensuring a strong future for our brewery.

In Solidarity, Brian Sturrock 

Bargaining Notice Update, Dec 21/16:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Clarification on Negotiation Information per Molson Coors letter of December 19th, 2016.

As per Union Local 325, negotiation updates notice to the membership. Negotiations commenced on October 31st, 2016. For seven weeks we have negotiated at the bargaining table with the employer for a total of 36 days. On December 16th, 2016 the Company elected to abruptly end bargaining. 

Molson Coors negotiating team attempted to declare an impasse 11 days prior to December 16th, while both parties were still actively at the bargaining table. On December 16th, Molson Coors called in the Conciliator for the first and only official meeting, stating the Company were at an impasse. This was only after 4 days of monetary bargaining!

It is the position of Your Bargaining Team that we were/are willing to continue with the negotiation process in GOOD FAITH.

We believe our hard working, loyal members and their families deserve to have wages and benefits that reflect the economic conditions of where we live and work.

Your Local 325 Union, in its 55 year history has always advocated on behalf of its members by reaching fair settlements which secured the future of our brewery. The Company’s latest “settlement offer” from December 16th, requires a STRONG STRIKE MANDATE.  We must let our employer know that we are willing to strike for a fair deal for all, by working together through the Conciliator Officer on January 5th, 2017.

In Solidarity,

On behalf of your Bargaining Team

Rob Folk.


Bargaining Notice Update, Dec 16/16:

Sisters and Brothers of Local 325,

On Monday October 31, 2016 your Union Bargaining Team commenced negotiations with the Company on negotiating a new Collective Agreement. As communicated to the Membership at our General Membership meeting on Oct 16th the company served notice on Oct 3rd with regards to sec 43 of the C.B.A. to begin bargaining. Since the commencement, your Bargaining Team has been in constant negotiations up to December 16. The Company during this process was and still is demanding significant monetary concessions in the agreement which will have a major impact on the lives of our members and their families.

The Company had applied for a Ministry of Labour Conciliation Officer and as of today they declared that they were at an impasse in bargaining and the Union was  presented their "Settlement Offer". It is the position of your Bargaining Team that this offer be REJECTED by 100% of the membership and give your Team a STRONG STRIKE MANDATE to further bargain on your behalf. Copies of the Offer will be made available to you when the Chief Stewards return to brewery on Monday Dec 19.

As a result there is a Special Membership Meeting on Tuesday Dec 27, 2016 @10:00 am at the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center, 801 Dixon Road Toronto M9W 1J5 (corner of Skyway Ave.),  where the discussion and the Strike Vote will be taken.

On Thursday January 5, 2017 the parties will meet once again with the Conciliation Officer to evaluate the positions each party. There will be an additional Special Membership Meeting on Saturday January 7, 2017 @ 10:00 am , at the Toronto Congress Center, 650 Dixon Road,Toronto, M9W 1J1. Therefore, as a result of this process we shall be in a Lock Out /Strike position as of 12:01 am January 9, 2017 .


In Solidarity, Brian Sturrock


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